Company Value I: People First, Product Second

Company Value I: People First, Product Second

People First, Product Second


At the foundation of our values lies compassion. The ability to understand others and create connection. The desire to care more about people than profits.

   How much time do you need to show compassion? The answer...40 seconds. There is significant evidence in clinical trials that show that compassion is not just good for the recipient but the giver too. Dr. Stephen Trzeciak an ICU doctor found that just 40 seconds of compassion can be powerful therapy for both the patient and the doctor.  Science shows that compassionate care is beneficial for health (better patient outcomes), healthcare providers (lower burnout), healthcare systems and payers (lower costs).  That's the power of 40 seconds. Regardless of the association, both people in a relationship benefit from being compassionate. 


How 40 Seconds of Compassion Could Save a Life


    Scientist define compassion as an emotional response to another's pain or suffering involving an authentic desire to help. It is different from sympathy and empathy, which are the feeling and understanding component. Having compassion also involves taking action. 

    Can compassion be learned? The short answer is, Yes! study by researchers at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that adults can be trained to be more compassionate. The report, published by Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, found that training adults in compassion can result in greater altruistic behavior and related changes in neural systems underlying compassion. 

 In the study, the investigators trained young adults to engage in compassion meditation using a traditional Buddhist technique of meditation that includes methods designed to develop loving kindness and compassion for oneself and for others.

"People seem to become more sensitive to other people's suffering, but this is challenging emotionally. They learn to regulate their emotions so that they approach people's suffering with caring and wanting to help rather than turning away," explains Weng. 

    Like weight training builds our muscles, we can build compassion through several forms of meditation. Karuna Meditation, Metta Meditation, & Loving-Kindness Meditation. (see link for more information on Meditation). Research has documented that in just 7 hours of meditation participants showed significant increase in compassion. 



What Does That "Action" Look Like At North Star Survival?
1. Employees will listen to your personal needs.
2. They will always put your needs first.
3. They value people and experiences over money.
4. They believe knowledge is wasted if it is not shared.
5. They know the products available and how they work.


    As a company, North Star Survival is committed to creating meaningful connections with  every customer. North Star Survival employees listen to customer needs and provide support, & follow up when products are purchased. North Star has researched & provide the very best products. Partnering with a variety of companies gives North Star Survival the ability to provide specialty items as needed.  Purchasing from North Star is more than a transaction, it is a connection with someone who knows your personal needs. Employees are able to provide support as you grow your emergency supplies, or provide workshops that increase your survival skills in a physical, social, & emotional way. 

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