Company Value II: We Are Here To Disrupt

Company Value II: We Are Here To Disrupt

By Nicolle Scott

We Are Here To Disrupt 

We are unorthodox. The misfits. We think outside the box and we shake things up. We are here to disrupt people into transforming by providing key moments & experiences.

We’re here to disrupt the normal patterns of life. We are a unique blend of community and commerce, giving people a place to create, connect and inspire others – today and every day.
Life is made up of moments. And we want to make those moments better and more interesting. We are reshaping the way people see, experience, and share the world around them.



      In practice, disruption happens when traditional value drivers in an existing company or individual are significantly changed. Typically, a new practice or product or technology enters an existing frame of values or ideologies.   We all have a circle of comfort where we can function within our sphere of influence comfortably. Typically, we have a skill set that is so ingrained within us that as long as the environment stays constant, we can usually predict the outcome. That consistency becomes comfortable. We often have a false sense of being in control. We tend to think we are thriving in that consistent space. 

How Did Disruption Affect My World As A Mother of Four?

    January 2020:  learned a few very valuable lessons in the year 2020. On New Years Eve I remember thinking that 2020 was going to be a magical year. The number pattern was special because of the repetition of the 20's. Even writing the number 2020 was fun. The realization that 2 decades had passed since the turning of a new century seemed surreal. After spending the night playing games & celebrating the year gone by, I was in shock when the phone call came that one of our friends had died suddenly of a heart attack on January 1. This friend was married with 4 children under 25. This was just the beginning of what would become a total nightmare of a year. 

    February 2020: The first American dies of coronavirus. Florida has a massive sewage leak,  President Trump is acquitted, Texas has a gas line rupture, & a shooting occurs inside an Atlanta restaurant. Travel restrictions are mandated.

    March  2020: Coronavirus worsens in Italy, Japan closes its boarders. Things start to get really scary. Schools are closing, churches and other businesses are enforcing a stay at home order. My oldest son (28) is an electrician. He was deemed as an  "essential" worker. He came home one week into the lockdown with a positive Covid test.  At this point everything we knew about the virus was that it had the potential to kill. The CDC contradicted all recommendations on the daily. My son was isolated in our basement for 29 days. The emotional stress that caused him forced him to seek counseling. 


Brady celebrates his freedom from a 29 day lockdown


 Things were getting real for my family by March. Because school was cancelled temporarily, my Senior in High School decided to work on his golf game. He came home the first day from golfing livid! He was so mad that the people we were supposed to be protecting (Elderly) were all out mingling on the course. The social shock for him changed his paradigm about "rules" or "mandates".  As a mother, I was really concerned with being able to provide food, medical care, and emotional support for my kids. I had one locked in my basement & caring for  all of his needs. The grocery store shelves were bare. I had a High School athlete that was afraid of getting sick because that meant he couldn't play his senior year. I had one daughter living in college housing. She was surrounded by several students that refused to follow the guidelines. Our married daughter living in Austin with her husband. They were too far away to help them with any temporal needs. None of my 3 kids living away from home were prepared for any of this. All of our provisions were stored at home. If they came home, we ran the risk of spreading the virus. It was a rude wake up call for our family. We were not at all prepared. We started making lists of the things we had that we did not need, & started replacing it with essential emergency items. 

     This is where North Star Survival became a source of knowledge about what our family actually needed. North Star assessed my family needs and are helping me plan out my priority items first. We are now buying North Star Survival kits for all of our children. We add a few items every birthday, or Christmas. Each child will now have car kits, and a 72 hour portable kit. We can not predict what will happen next, but we can control whether or not we are prepared for the disruption that is certain to come.  

 How Can The Lessons Learned From 2020 Help Us In Our Personal Life?

    Disruption is all around us and it's an essential part of our progress. Start looking at the things you do that 'disrupt' your life.  Understanding when and why you might want to disrupt your normal patterns of life is key to growth.  If we're not an outsider, then we should be fighting against the status quo for change. Disruption to the normal patterns of life is a good thing. Disruption is the key to growth!

    We all fear change. Fear is what keeps us from making progress. We must force ourselves out of our circles of comfort & explore new thought patterns. Engage in an uncomfortable conversation & practice listening with the genuine intent to learn. We may be surprised that we agree more than we disagree. Connection comes from asking the other person questions that explore the idea that you may disagree with. Avoid trying to prove your point as the only valid argument. Instead, provide support and love to the individual as you try to open your understanding of their point of view. Learn to embrace the disruption of your own paradigms. You will discover positive growth in every area of your life. 

One of my very favorite disruptors is Malala. Click below to view her incredible story of disruption, and how it bettered all of humanity.

The Story of Malala

Questions & Takeaways to Ponder:
How can you disrupt your life?
What are the benefits of disruption?
Takeaway: Disruption is all around us and it's an essential part of our progress.
Start looking at the things you do that 'disrupt' your life.

Takeaway: Understanding when and why you might want to disrupt your normal patterns of life is key to growth.  If we're not an outsider, then we should be fighting against the status quo for change.   Disruption to the normal patterns of life is a good thing.


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