Coronavirus: The Week The World Shut Down

Coronavirus: The Week The World Shut Down

By Nicolle Scott

I am often found in the kitchen in our home. I have a lot of big boys to feed. My son brings home friends and basketball players to grab a quick meal before heading back to the High School which is two blocks from our family home. I love the kitchen. It is the place where we gather to discuss life, little things, laugh, play games, & of course eat. Food is associated with comfort in my home. I love to make bread and have hot cookies on the table as the kids fly through my kitchen like a drive up window. I can see the large screen TV from my kitchen space. It often has a sporting event on & crowds of teenagers yelling at the screen. In the evening I spend time cleaning up the space & preparing for the next day’s meals.

March of 2020, I remember watching several evening news broadcasts from my kitchen. We were watching life in China turn on its head. China seems so far away, and after all, we are used to watching conflict break out in many parts of the world. It didn’t seem that strange to me. Iran & Italy had been reeling for a month now. SICKNESS was SPREADING. Reports of death was shocking, yet I still was not grasping the magnitude of the situation. I continued life as normal.


The day it really sunk in I was in Walgreens looking for a birthday card when a group of panicked adults stormed into the store.  They were frantically grabbing ALL of the masks in the first aid department, Clorox, gloves, & prescription medicines. I remember thinking how radical they were behaving. They had that crazy look in their eyes that signaled fear. It should not have come as a surprise to me when just days later the mandated started locking our world down. When school & church were cancelled, I knew whatever was happening was serious. It did not take me long to decide to take an inventory of what food & supplies we had.

I pretty much knew what my inventory looked like because I had just looked through my kits in October of 2019. For as long as I have been married, I would gather my 72 hour kits into the living room twice a year (April, & October) and sort through the packs. I would replace the expired food and then add new items every 6 months. When we first started, we had the bare bones basics. As the years went by and we started having children I gained a new perspective. My 72 hour kits were fine for my husband and I but, I now had to keep my children’s needs on the forefront of my checklist to ensure I could care for them in event of a disaster. I started adding two items to my weekly grocery list that were survival specific. I gradually grew our 72 hour kits. We were at a point where we could sustain our family comfortably in a campground for several days if needed.  We added a generator, water storage, a camper, & outdoor cooking gear. We taught the kids how to properly use knives, guns, and prepare food. I was feeling great about how we prepared until March of 2020.

Weeks were passing by and after the governments prevaricated over banning mass group gatherings, close boarders, close businesses, the closures started happening. When I heard the French president announce, “We are at war”, I knew that nothing I had done to prepare my family for a disaster would save them from a virus. I felt completely helpless. My home was stocked & we did not panic, but the idea of chemical warfare, emotional stress, civil unrest, diseases & death were new territory for me. The idea that children would not start Kindergarten, & seniors graduating would not have a celebration made me sad. The lonely were now more isolated. People were dying alone. Healthcare workers were working themselves into exhaustion & suffering emotionally. This was new territory.

The events that would unfold in the months to come were devastating!

I had to re-evaluate how I was preparing. I knew I had to add many more things to my survival collection that included educational information (Home School Strategies), Vitamin supplements & general health information. Emotional support strategies for my own family & for my community. A year later & after searching for companies that could provide the information I needed, I realized that they did not exist. I felt discouraged.

Then, I met Matt Garlick at a company event. I introduced myself, he reached out to me the next week & asked me if I wanted to be a part of helping him grow a business he was a part of. When I asked what the business was, he replied, “North Star Survival”. After he explained the core values of the company, I immediately knew I needed to be a part of this business. This company began during a pandemic & was in line with everything I was looking for. The company I was searching for so desperately was created at the time I started looking for them.

I now get to assist in supporting a company that is dedicated to helping the average family like mine, gradually grow their survival kits. In addition, they are providing resources to prepare communities to draw on each other’s strengths, build stronger networks, & find solutions to our growing needs to survive life & be better prepared in event of a future emergency. The panic I was feeling has now been replaced with confidence. I am surrounding my family with a community of problem solvers & learning from North Star Survival; I can now have the greatest wish of a mother’s heart: peace of mind.

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